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Can Technology Make Co-Parenting Easier?

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2021 | Family Law

Co-parenting apps are effective tools that help couples build better family relationships through communication during and after divorce.

Co-Parenting Apps Improve Communication

When couples with children divorce, co-parenting can present numerous problems especially for parents who do not get along or go through high-conflict divorces with a family law attorney. To ease the stress of divorce and shared custody, technology has created co-parenting apps that allow parents to improve communications through messaging.

Co-parenting apps allow parents to map out their schedules, communicate schedule changes, track daily activities, list family expenses, and send alerts for family emergencies. For added security, shared messages sent through apps can not be edited, deleted, or retracted by either party. While co-parenting apps vary in technological features and prices, there are many choices for parental needs and budgets. In some cases, use of one of these apps may be ordered by the Court.


This app allows each parent to create a separate account and add third parties like children, grandparents, therapists, and mediators free of charge. The app logs all communication and provides easy access to court records. An optional feature, “ToneMeter,” picks up negative tones or words in messages that may trigger arguments. Costs: Yearly subscriptions start at $99 plus $10 for ToneMeter.


With 2Houses, parents can exchange information, organize co-parenting schedules, manage children’s expenses, and upload notes and photos. It also comes with a messaging service and mediator access via the web and mobile devices. Cost: Pricing of $9.99 per month is per family, not per parent with a 14-day free trial. This app is free on both iOS and Android devices with in-app purchases available.


Parentship makes organizing and messaging simple with a customized dashboard that shows coordinated calendars, upcoming events, event reminders, and “smart profiles” for each child. A digital document center stores important documents like birth certificates, social security numbers, passports, and insurance information. Cost: Free for the first month, then $39.99/year or $3.99/month.


Designed by two clinical psychologists working with family law attorneys, DivorceWorks focuses on co-parenting coping skills and emotional awareness. This app provides information and resources that help divorced parents with family planning. Parents can access self-help groups, journal feelings, note activities, and track family schedules. Cost: Free on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.