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Why Hire Our Indiana Attorneys?

Group photo of the attorneys at Langer & Langer outside of their office

Getting Answers, Resolution, & Closure

Our Indiana attorneys are dedicated to helping our clients. This means that we are committed to
providing the help you need, when you need it most.

Here is what Langer & Langer does for all of our clients:


We find out as best we can what happened and why, whether what happened was preventable and what should have happened instead. We investigate potential claims as quickly as possible and are upfront with you if we believe we cannot help. In this situation, we offer suggestions for possible alternatives.


If we believe we can help you, we work hard to get your case resolved as quickly as possible, realizing that there is no quick fix to cases and that negligent parties, insurance providers, law enforcement, and others spend an enormous amount of time denying, delaying and defending even meritorious claims.


Many of our clients tell us they never wanted to file a lawsuit or be a part of litigation, but feel what has happened to them or their family is wrong. They do not feel that they can move on without getting answers. Whatever the outcome, we can help get answers that lead to resolution and hopefully some type of closure.

Attorneys William K. Deer, Sara A. Langer, Michael A. Langer, Robert A. Langer, Heather Gilbert, Jon F. Schmoll

Experienced Counsel

Our Indiana attorneys are recognized for their professional excellence. We have received several awards recognizing our efforts on behalf of clients and their contributions to the legal community. At Langer & Langer, it is not about the attorneys, it is about our unyielding devotion to clients.

We have worked in the legal field long enough to realize that what matters is how we treat clients and what we can do to help them. We often take on challenging cases that are not “standard,” and that do not always provide the quickest path to getting a settlement. Hiring a lawyer should not be about who has the most billboard advertisements. It should be about you, the client and having an attorney that cares about you.