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Triage & Emergency Room Errors

On Behalf of | Jun 9, 2017 | Emergency Room Errors

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When you go to the emergency room due to a serious injury, it should not result in another one. However, many medical errors still occur in emergency rooms, leading to further injury or even death. If you suffered a more serious injury in the emergency room due to the negligence of medical staff, it is important to think about consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer sooner rather than later

The Importance of Time in ER

Emergency rooms are considered one of the most stressful medical environments which call for quick and knowledgeable medical decisions. One of the cardinal rules of the ER is that doctors should treat the patient with the most serious or life-threatening injuries before other forms of injury. This is known as the triage assessment.

Sometimes, emergency room staff fails to adequately consider the more serious possible condition as the cause of the patients symptoms and instead assume the patient is experiencing a more common, less serious medical condition. Unfortunately, many emergency rooms are understaffed and not properly able to handle the patient load. Many patients end up waiting for long periods of time after entering the ER before they actually see a doctor.

This delay can often cause severe or additional harm due to not being examined by a physician in a timely manner. Had these patients been timely treated, further injuries or worsened conditions may not have occurred.

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