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Is It Time to Get a Divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | Firm News

There is never a perfect time to file for divorce, but there are questions that can provide important answers about division of financial assets, child custody, and child support.

How to Decide When to End the Marriage

Whether a couple is married a few years or a few decades, deciding to divorce is often a difficult decision. A divorce can have an impact on family lifestyle, finances, family living arrangements, parenting time, and normal daily routines. When young children are involved, deciding to get a divorce can be a hard decision for parents who want to protect their children, even when it is time to end the marriage.

When divorce seems like the best option, important questions can address issues that impact the future. Answering questions and addressing concerns can help to determine if divorce is imminent and when is the right time to file divorce papers.

How Will Divorce Impact Finances?

Filing for divorce when one spouse is out of work may create problems with child support. It may impact a child’s living arrangements, shared family time, and child custody arrangements. While the divorce is pending, a divorce lawyer can secure court orders for financial assistance and child support to ease burdens with finances.

Will a Move be Necessary?

Division of real property and financial assets may result in the sale of the family home and a move to a different residence. If one spouse chooses to keep the family home, he/she may need to buy out the other spouse’s equity. To ensure that property is handled properly, division of assets should be discussed with a divorce lawyer who can create an agreement that is mutually beneficial for both spouses.

How Will the Children be Affected?

Divorce can be difficult for children, even if they are grown and out of the house. If young children are struggling with emotional issues, a divorce lawyer can secure orders requiring counseling to help the child cope. In matters of contentious custody, a Guardian ad Litem can be appointed to represent the child’s best interest. When children are part of a divorce, time and counseling can help them adjust to changes.

Is the Marriage Dangerous or Toxic?

Toxic relationships often become physically or emotionally abusive. If physical abuse is a factor, it is time to get a divorce, there is no decision. In a toxic relationship, a divorce lawyer can help clients navigate the protective order process during and after divorce.