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Injured in a Taxi Cab Crash? Here’s What to Do

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Car Accidents

When a taxi cab is involved in an accident that results in injuries, injury victims should seek medical help, file a police report, and contact their insurance provider.

Taxi Cab Crashes and Injuries

In large cities, traffic accidents commonly involve taxi cabs. Most taxi accidents are handled through insurance companies like other traffic accidents that involve passenger cars. From a legal standpoint, a person who suffers injuries can file a claim for property damages and injuries through his/her insurance provider or an accident lawyer who handles personal injury cases.

Most taxi cab crashes resulting in property damages and injuries involve other vehicles, passengers in other vehicles, passengers in taxi cabs, and pedestrians near the crash. How claims are handled may depend on specific circumstances of the crash and liability for damages.

When a Taxi Cab Hits Another Vehicle

If a taxi cab hits another vehicle and causes injury to the driver or passengers, the crash is handled as a standard two-car accident case. The party filing a claim must prove two things to recover compensation: (1) Liability for the accident and (2) Related property damages and/or injuries. If an accident lawyer can prove that the taxi cab driver was negligent, the plaintiff will likely win the case.

Insurance companies may dispute the extent of each driver’s liability creating questions of fault. The taxi cab driver and the vehicle driver may both be at fault for the accident. Insurers often play hardball hoping to resolve an accident claim through a less-than-favorable settlement.

When a Taxi Cab Passenger Suffers Injuries

If an accident causes injuries to passengers in the taxi cab, the crash is handled as a standard passenger car injury case. Passenger injuries often involve third-party car insurance claims or personal injury lawsuits filed by accident lawyers against one or both drivers. Drivers’ insurance companies are often left to sort out liability and damages.

Following any type of car accident, injury victims should remain at the accident scene, unless they require medical care. After calling 911, injury victims should gather information, talk to witnesses, and wait for the police. When police officers arrive at the scene, they will file an accident report and talk to all involved parties about details of the crash.