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Happy Veterans Day

Us at Langer & Langer want to thank all veterans who have served our country. We would like to give a special thanks to family members of our firm who served; Richard Halstead (Navy), Roy E. Hockett (Army), Frederick Carl Haack (Army), Larry A. Durbin (Army), John Prokop (Army), David P. Morrow (Navy), James Oliver Huston (USMC), William J Beahler (USMC), Jim…

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Langer & Langer Participates in Downtown Trick-or-Treat in Valparaiso

The staff at Langer & Langer had a great time participating in Downtown Trick-or-Treat in Valparaiso this year, and we would like to thank all the trick-or-treaters and their families for stopping by. What Is Downtown Trick-or-Treat in Valparaiso? Downtown trick-or-treat is an annual event that is held in Valparaiso, Indiana to celebrate Halloween. It is hosted by Valparaiso Events.…

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Why Do Lawyers Turn Down Some Medical Malpractice Cases?

Medical malpractice lawyers turn down some medical malpractice cases because they do not view them as winnable. Other reasons include the costs of litigation exceeding the potential damages, their deadlines being too close or having expired, or simply due to the lawyers having a heavy caseload. Indiana has strict medical malpractice laws. Additionally, successfully pursuing these cases requires plenty of…

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Questions To Ask a Lawyer About Child Custody

Some of the essential questions to ask a lawyer about child custody include queries about physical and legal custody and other critical issues related to child custody cases, such as child support and custody modifications. Asking your lawyer such questions will help you better understand your case and what to expect and prepare for the child custody proceedings. Your lawyer…

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How to Find the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in Indiana

To find the best criminal defense attorney in Indiana, you should look for someone who has local experience in criminal law. It is also a good idea to find a lawyer who has defended clients who were facing charges similar to yours. Courtroom experience, a transparent billing and fee structure, positive reviews, testimonials, successful results, and sincere concern for your…

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What Is the Parental Responsibility for the Payment of Higher Education Expenses After a Divorce?

In Indiana, trial courts can order parents to pay higher education expenses after a divorce. A child attending college can be a significant expense. Divorce can make it more difficult to pay for college expenses. Parents may have different opinions on how to allocate the responsibility during or after the divorce proceedings. The manner in which Indiana courts determine what…

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How Do I Know if I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

Patients who are suffering from medical mistakes may ask, “How do I know if I have a medical malpractice case?” For a claim to be viable, patients must show that the doctor or hospital owed, but failed to meet, the duty of care. Additionally, they need to prove that the medical provider’s action or inaction caused them to suffer an…

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How to File for Visitation Rights in Indiana

Understanding how to file for visitation rights in Indiana can help ensure that non-custodial parents and grandparents have the opportunity to establish or maintain relationships with the children. Whether a parent or grandparent is granted visitation, or “parenting time” with the children is based on the children’s best interests as determined by the Court. Child Custody and Visitation in Indiana…

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